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Where would you be today without G.A.?


Become a Life-Liner Today!

As we traverse the path of recovery, it’s essential to pause and reflect upon the profound impact that Gamblers Anonymous (G.A.) has had on our lives. This contemplation often leads to a vital question: “Where would you be today without G.A.?”

A Life-Liner is…

…someone who acknowledges the importance of G.A. not just in their own journey, but in the collective journey of those who are still battling the challenges of compulsive gambling. A Life-Liner is a member of the G.A. fellowship who values the financial well-being of G.A. enough to make a monthly donation. Your contributions assure that G.A. will persist as a beacon of hope and support for those who continue to suffer.

The Benefits of Becoming a Life-Liner

  • It offers you a way to give back to the program that has been instrumental in your recovery process.

  • It enables you to demonstrate your commitment to G.A. in a pragmatic and impactful manner.

  • It aids the International Service Office (I.S.O.) in conveying the message of hope to those who are yet to experience the transformative effects of G.A.

  • It identifies you as part of a special cohort dedicated to doing more for the program that played a critical role in saving lives, including your own.

  • It imbues a sense of responsibility within you, reinforcing the importance of your role within the fellowship.

  • It serves as a reminder that the symbiotic relationship between you and G.A. is one of mutual need and support.

Gamblers Anonymous: Our Lifeline

“We are self-supporting through our own contributions.”—a statement that echoes the collective resolve of G.A. members to uphold and fortify the community that has given them so much.  How often have you found solace in the thought, “Gamblers Anonymous saved my life”?

“I can’t do enough to repay the program for what it has done for me.”

The sentiment of deep gratitude often evokes a desire to contribute in a manner that reflects the value the program has added to your life. One of the most meaningful ways to exhibit such gratitude is by becoming a Life-Liner.

How to Become a Life-Liner

Joining is straightforward: complete the form you find in any of the rooms, and mail to the ISO along with your personal monthly tax-deductible contribution. In return, you will receive a receipt by mail, as well as an envelope for the subsequent month’s contribution. You can also sign up online through your bank's bill pay.  Please see the secretary for more information on how to set up your life liner account to send via bill pay. Keeping in touch is made effortless with the Bulletin that arrives each month, ensuring you remain connected with the pulse of G.A.

Through the act of becoming a Life-liner, you resonate not only with your past struggles but also with your ongoing commitment to aiding others in their journey towards a fulfilling life free from the grip of compulsive gambling.


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