Update - 07/02/2021 


Below are the details to call in for all the meetings. All US-based Telephone Conference Call meetings are based on Eastern Time Zone times.

Day and Time Eastern Time Call In Number Meeting Code Email for Information and Questions
Sunday 9PM 267-807-9601 9131957#  

Please use this email for help for any of these meetings

Wednesday 9PM 267-807-9601 9131957#
Friday 3PM 267-807-9601 9131957#

U.S. callers who are trying to call the U.S. numbers and have difficulty getting connected should scroll to the bottom for additional directions.

The telephone conference call platform we are using has local access telephone
numbers for 74 different countries. If you are going to call from a foreign country, please use the appropriate email address to request the local calling numbers.

ENGLISH-BASED MEETINGS FROM VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - There are numerous local direct dial numbers throughout Canada and the US. To get a list, use the email below.

Day and Time Pacific Time Call In Number Meeting Code Email for Information and Questions
Tuesday 7PM 604-259-2561 890 477 4319 #
Friday 7PM 604-259-2561 890 477 4319 #
Sunday 7PM 604-259-2561 890 477 4319 #

SPANISH-BASED MEETINGS FROM MEXICO - Worldwide access is available with non-US country local phone numbers. Please use the email address below to obtain those local area numbers.

Day and Time

Mexico City Time

Call In Number Meeting Code Email for Information and Questions
Wednesday 8PM 712-770-5306 565387 #
Saturday 6PM 712-770-5377 432973 #


Day and Time Madrid Time Call In Number Meeting Code Email for Information and Questions
Sunday 7PM 712-770-5370 781589 #
Tuesday 7PM 712-770-5370 781589 #
Thursday 7PM 712-770-5370 781589 #



If you can’t get through to the conference call number, first recheck that you are using the proper dial-in number and meeting code. If you still have problems, you may text for help.

First choice: Text the word HELP to the conference call-in number. You will be texted an alternate call-in number.

Second choice: Text the words CALL ME to the conference call-in number. The system will call you back and connect you directly.

This information is available at



Update - 3/16/2020


Los Angeles Intergroup (“LAIG”) met on Sunday, March 15, 2020 and discussed how to proceed with the issue of meetings suspended because of Covid-19. There was a quorum, and after a lengthy discussion and, with the guidance of the current and past trustees present, the following items were either passed by vote or agreed upon by discussion.

1. In conjunction with Covid-19 precautions, some facilities have decided that temporary suspensions of meetings at their facilities was the best course. LAIG has decided to add a link to the LAIG website,, entitled


This link will include any meetings that have been temporarily suspended due to Covid-19 issues.

2. If your meeting has been temporarily suspended, the LAIG encourages a note be placed whenever possible at the suspended meeting site stating that:

the meeting has been temporarily suspended pending further notice (optional statement may include a contact person and a way to be contacted)

3. Whenever possible, please continue to direct all members looking for a meeting to the meetings that are still open.

4. There is an Official Gamblers Anonymous telephone meeting that was originally on Wednesday Evenings ONLY. Due to this emergency situation, the Telephone Conference Call Committee of the BOT has extended this phone meeting to every night of the week from 6:00pm until 8:00pm Pacific Time.

Please see flyer from the Board of Trustees for details including phone number and access codes.

5. After conferring with the current trustees, the Intergroup voted to change the deadline for trustee ballots to the May Intergroup.

The LAIG will do its very best to keep everyone as current as possible on meeting suspensions and any other information from the Board of Trustees on the link of the LAIG website.

Please take care,

Roy M. Chairman of the LAIG

Update - 3/15/2020


Meeting Closures due to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

There is no higher priority to the Fellowship of Gamblers Anonymous than the well being of its members during this difficult time.

The Fellowship of Gamblers Anonymous is not responsible for meetings that have had to close because of the COVID-19 (coronavirus). Our ISO (International Service Office) is doing it's best to keep up with all the meeting closures throughout the world.

In an effort to help those members whose meetings have closed as a result of the COVID-19 (coronavirus), the Telephone Conference Call Committee has expanded the Wednesday night  meeting to include every night of the week from 9:00-11:00 PM Eastern time. The call in information for the Wednesday night meeting is: Phone Number 712-770-4160 - Access Code 611704#.

Access Codes for all other meetings will be updated Wednesday via the Trustee Line on the Trustee website or by request using the following email They have also added a meeting to be held on Fridays from 3:00-4:00 PM Eastern time. Call in information will also be provided by Wednesday.

The committee has also provided an email address to any member/group looking to start a temporary phone meeting until such a time when your meeting reopens. Such meetings are for the purpose of continuity so that members can still "attend" meetings, but would not be considered a recognized GA meeting until such a time they met all of the criteria as set forth by the Board of Trustees. The committee will also be offering several options for training webinars. That email Address is

Reach out to one another regularly using your phone lists, email lists, etc. Become part of the solution and volunteer your time to the Telephone Conference Call committee. The need for volunteers has never been so crucial as it is now during this health crisis!

For further information of COVID-19 (coronavirus), please refer to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the WHO (World Health Organization).