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1. am i a compulsive gambler?

 Only you can make that decision. Most people turn to Gamblers Anonymous when gambling has caused growing and continuing problems in his or her life.

2. What can i do if gambling is causing me problems?

Ask for help. Gamblers Anonymous can help.


3. what is gamblers anonymous?

Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who have joined together to solve their common problem and to help others recover from a gambling problem.


4. do i commit myself if i go to a gamblers anonymous meeting?

No, you need not declare anything about yourself nor say anything you chose not alone should decide if you should return.


5. how much does it cost to join gamblers anonymous?

There are no dues or fees for Gamblers Anonymous membership.  The only requirement is a desire to stop gambling.


6. how do I join gamblers anonymous?

We attain membership by expressing a desire to stop gambling. That's the only requirement.

7. how can gamblers anonymous help me with my gambling problem?

By giving you support and understanding.  By showing you proof that you can live a good life without gambling.


8. what happens at a gamblers anonymous meeting?

At Gambler Anonymous meetings members talk about their gambling problems, how they are recovering on a daily basis, and how they cope with life today.


9. is gamblers anonymous a religious organization?

No, Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship, not allied with any other sect, politics, organization, or institution..


10. How long must i attend until i am cured?

We at Gamblers Anonymous believe that we can never be cured, but that the illness of compulsive gambling can be arrested, one day at a time.



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